Is there any food that would be safe to eat as much as my cat wants, without making her FAT?

John SmithJohn Smith Member Posts: 6
Hi, My cat has been overweight for as long as i remember. When my vet noticed it, he put her on a diet. The diet is definitely helping and the weight is coming down but my kitty is constantly feeling hungry and she's gotten really panicky about food if you know what i mean. I've been thinking maybe there's some sort of a safe "kitten snack" that i could always leave out for her in a bowl and that wouldn't even be tasty or appetizing for her in itself - but something she could nevertheless nibble on, whenever she wants, just to get some bulk in her stomach?

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    A great food that I found is Innova Low Fat Adult Food. There are wet and dry versions and its in a pink bag/can. It has a decent protein level/meat content but is quite a lot lower in fat compared with similar foods. GoGo was nearly 16 pounds at only 18 months in age and was still gaining but after switching to the Innova food she slimmed down to 14.5 pounds and has stayed stable for the last year. My other cats who were a little plump all slimmed down too and now have great muscle tone. I think this food has high quality proteins that make them feel satified rather than filler like some other diet foods. Njauks is a year old and could try this food too. I saw on her page that she has a condition that has affected her growth and makes her stomach round. I assume he has but did your vet take that into account when putting her on a diet? It may be worth getting a referral to a specalist vet to get their general opinion and ask about diet as she may have special requirements.
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