What do you think: Domestic Shorthair or Medium hair? Or another kind of breed?

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Hi Catsters! Recently, I've been thinking.. what KIND of cat WAS Sherman? He was a petstore cat. But we don't remember exactly what kind of cat he was. In Forums, another member thought he was a Domestic Medium Hair cat, but I was thinking maybe Domestic of American Short hair? Is he a British Short hair? Do you think he has SHORT hair? Medium hair? I don't have any, any idea. Please, any breed suggestions would be appreciated. You can check out his picture on his and Shelby's page. He's the striped cat, not the tri-colored. He has a couple good pictures up. Suggestions? Ideas? Please tell me what you think. Any breed thoughts. Just to give us some ideas and so we could do a little research, look at pictures, and post his breed on his page. We currently have Domestic Medium Hair only because his tail looks pretty fluffy. Paw mail me with anymore more Sherman questions. Thanks!!!!

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    I'm so sorry that you lost both Sherman and Shelby. As someone who volunteered and did adoptions through PetsMart and my rescue organization, I can guarantee you that most rescue cats, including Sherman are probably at least 90% of the breeds you mentioned. British Shorthairs are VERY rare, so probably not that particular one, but I'm certain Sherman's Family Tree had MANY branches and limbs with all sorts of interesting characters sitting there. For years I thought my Delilah was part Maine Coon since that's what the rescue listed her as, but after becoming friends with a fancier of Persians, I realized she is part Persian and probably no Maine Coon. But, in the long run, she is Delilah the Divine Diva and I'm very satisfied with that!
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