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Regarding the wee wee on the mattress: currently I have 15 cats (the number goes up and down), and although I suspect Spike was the culprit, I didn't catch him in the act so can't be sure. I've seen cats with UTIs before, including Spike, and none of my cats is showing any signs of a urinary infection. I suspect that someone was displaying disatisfaction about something. As for keeping the cats away from the bed--yes, that would solve the problem from occurring again, but I like to sleep with my cats, and they like to sleep with me. In any event, the question was about the mattress and how to get out the urine that has undoubtedly seeped beneath the mattress cover into the inside of the mattress. Do I just wipe the surface and give the bed a good airing, or do I actually pour enough water and odor remover onto the mattress to give it a good soak?

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    If you purchase an stain and odor remover product like Nature's Miracle, the instructions say to "thoroughly Soak the entire area" with the product. It will take a very long time for a mattress to dry. But, if after 2 weeks there is still an odor, this means that the Stain and Odor Remover did not reach All the odor causing material. You would need to repeat the process again. I have copied this right off the back of my Nature's Miracle bottle.
  • Rebecca Mac IsaacRebecca Mac Isaac CalgaryMember Posts: 15
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    Get a good enzyme stain remover. Urine Off is one of the best Mom have used. This what most dry cleaners use. Best way to use it is with a black light and spray or pour Urine Off on the spots where you see the stain and let it dry. She used this on a couch. It was a marking by that "Lucy" cat and I can sleep on that spot without a thought about making my own marks.
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