I've always had indoor/outdoor cats. They have their own door. Neighbors are complaining about them

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Whenever you live in a neighborhood of homes and allow your cats to roam outdoors, you take the chance that a neighbor or neighbors will complain about them. Outdoor cats hunt birds on feeders, use flowerbeds for toilets and if they are out at night can pick fights with other cats who invade their territory or even with your neighbors cats.We had a cat who used to pick fights with Delilah, Izzie and Lily through our patio screen. My cats were upset for the rest of the day and could pick fight with each other. If your cats are not neutered or spayed, they are also contributing to the unwanted kitten population in your area. Unfortunately, you have no option other than keeping those cats indoors or building an enclosure like a screened in porch for them. Your neighbors can contact your animal control officer and lodge a complaint against you. You could be fined for "animals at large". It doesn't seem neighborly for your neighbors to complain, but they are within their rights.
  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    I firmly believe once a cat is domesticated it belongs indoors. If you can't keep your cats out of your neighbor’s yards you may find your neighbors start to retaliate against your cats - some people can be vicious - a few cases from recent memory include poisoning, alerting the authorities (fines, etc.), shooting, beating, etc. There are invisible fences on the market that you can try to keep your cats on your own property but they require training. Best advice - want a healthy and happy kitty - keep them indoors.
  • jessica gunnjessica gunn youghalMember Posts: 126
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    if your still on speaking terms with these neighbours i would advise trying to approach them VERY APOLOGITCALY and try to find out their exact objection we have had some cats in the area that are a terrible problem due to a very irresponsable owner and trust me its no fun! if its urinating etc is the only problem try retraining with indoor litter only. also make sure to neutor or spay! if its not liking them in their yards or their afraid of cats your going to have to either establish an outdoor run for them( a cheap and large option is fruit cages they use to keep out birds here you can get one for 300euro size 3mx5anhalfm )or else rehome. you cant suddenly take away that out door freedom when thats what they have always been used to whatever you decide to do keep your neighbours informed of your efforts and you will probably find they will be a lot more understanding once they know you are trying to do something about the situation and you understand their issues good luck with them
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