My cats poops on the floor

I have two great cats that really love each other. the youngest is now a year and a half, I adopted him when he was six weeks old, he thought him self to pee in the toilet, I never trained him to do so, but he has serious problems with poop. He poops on the floor three to five times a week. Those times he doesn't like to use the litter box even though we keep it very clean. Is there a way to make him poop in the litter box or train him to use the toilet? Thanks

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The first thing you need to do is have him checked by a vet to make sure he has no health concerns. Not being able to control his pooping (get to his box or the toilet in time)could be a sign of illness. If he checks out, he needs a dedicated place to do his business. If he doesn't mind using a human toilet, there is a system you can purchase (it's different toilet seats)to train him. If you want him to use the litter box instead, put a few around the house so he always has one close and praise him for using it. Maybe someone accidentally left the seat down when he needed to go. Or maybe flushing scared him. It sounds like he is confused about where to go. If it were me, I'd chose the litter box training. Make sure it's in a quiet, private place. If you work on it, I'm sure you'll find a solution that's agreeable to both you and your cat.
  • Betty M- MurphyBetty M- Murphy Member Posts: 31
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    Also, there is a special "litter attracting" brand out there. This scent is also available in a spray that you can use on any type of litter. The litter with the special scent is very expensive, but the spray is reasonably priced. I know they don't carry the product at PetSmart, but they do at Petco. I don't remember the exact name of the product, but you can go online & search and find it. Also, it might help if you put the litter box closer to the bathroom, but not in a high-traffic area. He needs a quiet space to do his business. When I've had this problem in the past, I have taken the poop they put on the floor & put it in the litter box, showing the kitty where it goes. Once they connect the idea that this is where the poop should go (by smelling it,) there usually is not a problem after that. Also, is it possible that your cat stopped using the litter box after you changed brands of litter? If so, he clearly does not like the new choice. Go back to the original. Good Luck!
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