Small sore on cat's face

I have a 6 year old cat who is in good overall health. Friday night while snuggling with him I noticed a small sore on his face between his eye and ear. It is smaller than a pencil eraser, but looked red and a little oozy, and when I touched it it felt scabby. He didn’t mind my touching it so I assume it doesn’t hurt. I’ve been watching it and it doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger, but it also hasn’t improved any. My first thought was that he nicked himself while scratching, but it seems like too much for just a single swipe with a claw. Watching him I did see that he tends to hit that area on his face while grooming his ears. He has had ear problems in the past – ear mites when I first adopted him from a shelter two years ago which developed into an ear infection, and while that was cleared up, his ears still seem sensitive. He tends to scratch them a lot, though the vet always looks in them at his checkups and they’ve been fine. Now I’m wondering if this could be the result of constantly scratching himself in the same spot and re-opening a small wound to the point where it’s gotten big enough for me to see it. I examined him pretty closely while petting him and haven’t found any other sores or skin abnormalities. He appears to feel just fine, energetic, eating, playing and using the litter box normally. Should I take him to the vet right away, or wait and see if it improves? I hate to put him through the trauma if it’s something minor that will heal on it’s own. I thought I’d give it until after Christmas – or should take him now?

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    If he is an indoor only cat and has not been anyplace where he could have been exposed to anything like ringworm or parasites then I would go ahead and just keep an eye on it. It doesn't sound serious and cats do get the occasional scrape. It does sound like scratching his ear might have caused it in a spot like you describe. Follow your instincts, if it seems to get bigger or seems to be bothering him, then call the vet. But if he is doing just fine otherwise, I think it would be fine to wait until after Christmas. I have 8 cats so I have to decide which things justify a vet visit or else I'd be there every week. Although we are still frequent visitors anyway. Also check his back claws on that side and see if he seems to have a broken one or a particularly sharp one that may be causing the damage.
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