I think he is territorial over me?

Ltely Buddy seems to be getting erritorial over me at night time. He likes to lay in the crook of my arm and places his head on my shoulder and will lay there and purr loudly all night, the issue lately is that he will get moody if he can not get to that posistion. If my other cat lucky is gets there before he does, he will bite at Lucky's neck, which I tell him off for, he will then go run away to the other end of the room and will not come near me all day, he won't purr if I pick him up and he wan't down instantly, normally he purrs even if you look at him. Also the last week or so he keeps jumping on my partner, when we are in bed, my partner will cuddle up to me and Buddy will attack her arm until she moves it then he will lay on me, last night she was laying with her head on my shoulder and he got un happy and jumped at her then layed on her face till she moved, when she moved he got comfy then started purring and licking me. How can I work on stopping this? Thank you

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Actually, it is possible to discipline a kitty. You don't hit them and you don't scream at them, but you can let them know you are not pleased. It seems like Buddy thinks he is the alpha or leader in your family, and it should be you or your partner that has this role. It's OK if he gets p***ed off at you. You need to establish that Buddy does not run you or your family, including your partner and other kitty. Biting Lucky should not be tolerated. A firm "NO BITE", picking him up and removing him from the situation for a few minutes should work. Your vet can be an invaluable help in animal behavior since they know Buddy, his history and his temperment. Contact them for more help in helping Buddy fit in.
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