Am I an American Bobtail?

I have a bob tail and was born in America. Does this mean I'm an American Bobtail? We do not know where our mother came from, but a friend had the kittens that contained me. The mother did not come from a breeder though, that's all we know.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    We do have a resident breed expert here on the Answers Board, but from what I understand, American Bobtails are not a common breed, are a fairly new breed and don't usually just turn up in litters of other kittens. Is it possible that the kitten may have lost her tail somehow? In any case, unless you have papers from a proven breeder stating that your kitty is a purbred, you wouldn't be able to prove it anyway. She's a beautifully marked kitty, btw!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    A bobtail is a genetic mutation found in cats all over the world, although the trait may be recessive or dominant, or lead to health problems (e.g. spina bifida), as in the case of the Manx. The American Bobtail Breed is like the Maine Coon in that it was developed from a naturally occurring American cat to become a pedigreed breed. In other words, there have always been some bobtailed American cats, but the breed didn't gain full status with cat registries until the past decade or so. Naturally occurring bobtailed cats are not unheard of, but the American Bobtail breed is still quite rare (I've never even seen one at a cat show). The chances that you have purebred American Bobtail genetic heritage are probably close to zero. You may be the result of a spontaneous mutation, especially if you were the only one in the litter with no tail, or come from a line with the bobtail gene. Gorgeous dilute tortie, by the way!
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