cat is skinny, not eating or drinking much, horrible breathe, not pooping.

i have tried every food ever. even people food and she only sometimes eats it. she has tested negative for fel, feline aids, heartworms. this whole time my vet was sooo sure she had FeL. she only poops when i give her miralax,mineral oil cocktail. her breathe is sort of metallic.AWFUL. she has alot of tartar and is supposedly 13 years old. she was a stray. she keeps losing weight but her temp. is now normal. i have spent over 200$ now i wonder what this could be. all my past questions are about this same cat.they have more info. i recently saw her drink for a long amount of time which is good but shes still dehydrated after giving 1000ml of fluids under the skin over a 4 day period. any suggestions for my vet because he is obviously lost. she often seems interested in food then rejects it and looks up at me like shes trying to tell me something!

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    If your veterinarian hasn't done a senior blood panel on your cat, then you need to find a new vet! Taking into consideration your cat's age and the symptoms she has, there could be anything going on. Your vet should look at your cat's kidney and liver functions, glucose level and her thyroid levels. Drinking in excessive amounts as you describe could indicate diabetes or chronic renal failure. By the way, 1,000 mL of fluids over 4 days seems excessive. I only gave my cat 100 mL per day when she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Is this what your vet prescribed for hydration therapy? You need to follow the instructions your vet has given you, otherwise you will throw your cat's electrolytes off balance. She is only a small animal. She may also need to be put on a prescription diet once a proper diagnosis has been made. Best of luck. Hope kitty recovers quickly!
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