I have a SMALL apartment and am having bathroom renovated. How do I make sure my kitties aren't terr

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  • Susanna CookSusanna Cook Member Posts: 768
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    Sorry if this upsets you but you as an individual can't keep a cat from being afraid of a noise. Sorry but it is just instinct, unless they some how are not afraid of it in the first place. Maybe they will eventually get used to strange noises. However, you can put them into a different room for a little while and see how that goes. I'm really sorry but I'm afraid it's the truth.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Your kitties will probably take care of themselves while the work is being done. Caution the workers that you do have cats so that the outside doors and/or windows are not left open. If they are scared enough, your kitties could bolt out even if they've never ventured outside. Your cats will probably hide behind furniture. Izzie hides in the sofa or in a cupboard. When you're home and the apartment is quiet, make sure you spend extra time playing with and treating them. It won't last forever and they will recover.
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    Try to mitigate the situation as best you can by moving them away from the noise as far as possible and giving them places to hide. If they can be blocked off from entering the area where the bathroom is that is best. For example-is the bathroom connected to a bedroom and they can be blocked from entering the hallway that leads to the bedroom? Move their beds, condo, toys, food to the opposite end of the noise. Give them boxes, blankets,furniture or places to run and hide in as much as possible. Put up a barrier to the door or end of hallway that leads to the noise-a noise defeaning blanket for example if hanging something up is possible. Just try to keep them comfortable under the circumstances. Can they be relocated during the day? Or give them breaks now and then? Monitor for stress-panting, not eating, etc.
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