I weigh 22lbs. How is my weight affecting my health? What can my mommy do?

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  • jessica gunnjessica gunn youghalMember Posts: 126
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    if your just a big cat your mommy neednt do anything however if your a fat cat!!! then your mommy mite want to cut down on the grub lol feed twice a day no treats and remove whatever food hasnt been eaten they say 20 mins but some pussy cats are slower eaters so your mommy will have to judge that one then you need to increase your excercise get your mommy to pick the toys you prefer most and get her to play with you a few times a day making sure you get a really good workout each time and if you like ladders like gracie see if your mom will leave one up in a room for you to run around on it can really trim that waiste good luck ps you can also try some diet food from the vets but youll still be eating the same amounts so when you finish the diet and go back to ordinary food youll be back to square one.
  • JEN ATKINSJEN ATKINS Member Posts: 123
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    Typically, obesity in felines causes many of the same problems as for humans. Extra weight places extra strain on the heart & can therefore cause heart problems. Joint problems are also an issue. However, the main problem you need to worry about is diabetes, as the risk for this increases with weight. Diabetes is definately something you want to avoid. You will need to check Nemo's blood sugar at least twice a day & this is done by pricking the ear with a needle. He will need to be injected with insulin, which is VERY expensive. The whole process can be time consuming. If you were to skip a dose, Nemo could die. Vet's have a formula for calculating how much food an animal needs to consume, based on its current weight & the goal weight (which he can also help you determine). There are many weight-loss foods available, & a wet food-only diet is helpful for weight loss. The first step is measuring his food & feeding him only what he needs according to the vet's recommendations.
  • ♥Taylor♥ Brock♥Taylor♥ Brock ♥Theodore♥Member Posts: 10
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    Give your pet less food. You should cut his food back at least one third.
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