How do I stop my 2 year old male cat from pooping in a certain area on my carpet?

He is healthy, no medical conditions vet could find. First I tried putting foil down where he was pooping. He just moved to pooping in another spot, but close to the original area. Then I tried moving his litter box to where he was pooping on the carpet, but again, he just chose another spot, but still close. Then I tried a new litter box, slightly larger. He used it for a week then returned to pooping on the carpet. Now I gave him a rubbermaid container (because he is a large cat) but left out his previous litterbox as well, in case he wanted to urinate in one and poop in the other. No dice. He is still pooping on the carpet. This game has been going on for a month and I'm losing it. This behavior began when we painted the room but the paint is long since dry, and placing an additional litterbox in another room didn't work either. I don't understand because he will poop on the carpet right below his favorite window ledge and then sit on the ledge all day.

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    This may sound odd, but cats are odd. Try putting a different type of litter that is not at all like your current litter in a second litter box. Try this with many different kinds, keeping your regular litterbox because he is urinating in that one and we do not want him to stop that! He may require different litter in a second box to poop. Who knows, sitting there to do big business may take too long and your current litter is bothering him. Purrs and good luck
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    I know exactly how you feel. Since we've moved, Delilah has decided that it might be fun to poop/pee in my bathtub. When I put a few inches of water in there, she started peeing on the carpet alongside the tub. It's a constant battle. She pees, I scrub. She pees, I scrub. I shut the bathroom door last night and hubby crashed into it when he went on his nightly potty call. (I forgot to tell him I shut the door). If there's a door to that room, you may have to resort to shutting it. Buy some oxy laundry soap at the grocery and scrub where he's pooping. Theory is, if he can't smell it, he won't continue to use that spot. Cats can use their feces the same as urine, to mark a spot as their own. If he didn't use the boxes at all, it might be a litter issue, but if he does use them, that's not it. Put a box under the ledge and put his "gifta" in it to give him the idea. (Insert exasperated sigh here) It's mostly a battle of the wills. ;-)
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