Is my lil boy a Nebelung?

I always just thought he was a mixed breed. My special lil boy. Then I saw him on cast101, so I looked him up an I was suddenly staring into the face of a ton of special lil cats who looked EXACTLY like my baby! He is super loyal, loving, follows me room to room, plays fetch, pushes doors open, acts more like a dog, I SWEAR he understands the word "sit" What do you think? He looks JUST like one. He was a stray that we adopted when he was about 1. Boy were we surprised when he grew in that ruff around his neck a year later!

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Willy is a gorgeous boy and yes, he looks like a Nebelung. Unfortunately, the chances that he is all or part Nebelung are close to zero. Cats, unlike dogs, generally do not have any "breed" as such; 95% of American cats are random bred moggies. Some breeds are more common than others and have been around long enough for their genes to appear in the common feline gene pool. Not so Nebelungs. The Nebelung breed was developed less than 30 years ago, with the foundation cats being breedless moggies. Nebelungs are still not recognized as a breed by the major cat registry, the CFA, and are very rare. Breeders either sell desexed cats or require the new owner to sign a spay/neuter agreement. Thus, it is unlikely that Willy is a Nebelung. He can, however, be called a "copycat"--a cat who resembles a certain breed but is a randomly bred cat or a mix. What Willy is is a beautiful domestic long hair. His color is blue, cat world lingo for grey. He does resemble a Nebelung, though.
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