My cat sometimes accidentally pees outside the box. How do I get her to stop?

My cat Nova is always in the box when she goes, but sometimes, she lifts her rear too high and pees over the side. I've seen her do it a couple times. She starts off at a good level but then slowly elevates her behind until she is peeing on the floor. I got a covered box to see if that would help, and it did some. Unfortunately, I had to take the door off because neither of my cats could understand that it was, in fact, a door and not a wall. She ends up peeing right out the doorway sometimes. I don't feel like this is a medical issue since it has been happening on and off for a long time now.

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  • TwinkleTwinkle BirminghamMember Posts: 11,018 ✭✭✭✭
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    She probably just needs a bigger box. In my opinion litter boxes are WAY too small. I don't use an actual litterbox for my cat. I use a low to the ground storage bin.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    My cats wouldn't use a covered box, either, even though I thought it was a wonderful idea. Like Twinkle, I use a long Rubbermaid underbed storage box as well, but if your cat is spray painting the floors, the sides will be too low and you'll still have the problem. You might want to get her a very large box. The box may be to small for her. If she's using the box, it's probably not a urinary tract infection, it's just the way she pees. The next time you visit the pet store, check out the litter boxes. Many of them are extra large and have pretty high sides for just this sort of kitty issue. If worse comes to worst, you can always tape up a plastic tablecloth on the wall behind her box or put one on the floor.
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