Female 5 year old cat peeing on clothes-no known reason

Ok, so my 5 year old (fixed) female cat pees on clothes (and blankets, pillows, etc). It does seem to be peeing, I've seen her squat, just like she does in the litter box (just not always). She does not have a UTI, or a history of UTI's. We have two large litter boxes that are cleaned very frequently. We've stopped taking in foster cats or doing anything to stress her out. We have changed the location of the litter boxes to try to stop this. We've tried buying Feliway (recommended by vet) to calm anxiety. NOTHING WORKS. Because its clothes I can't cover them in tinfoil, or orange smell or any other recommended tool. Please help. I don't want to get rid of my cat, but replacing everything she pees on is getting very expensive. I've tried to find a reason behind this now for 2 years and have gotten nowhere.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Since you say it's not a UTI ( hopefully she's been checked and it's a vet's determination she does NOT have one), you need to have a heart to heart chat with your vet if you truly don't want to give her up. Cats who are given up because they don't use the litter box seldom find new homes. I've not heard good things about Feliway, mostly that it doesn't do much good. You may have to consult with her vet about a course of feline prozac or other kitty anti-depressents. It sounds like she is a prime candidate for this. If your vet doesn't agree, you may want to find another vet since this has been going on for 2 years with no resolution.
  • Mona SheltonMona Shelton WashingtonMember Posts: 1
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    I have a male (neutered, formerly outdoor with his former owner) cat who will pee on anything left on the floor. If I leave my shoes, he'll pee on them, if I sort laundry and leave it out for long, he'll pee on it too. If he comes into the bedroom and there's a pillow on the floor, he'll pee on it. I decided that I had to change MY behavior. I put my shoes up, keep laundry off the floor, and don't let him in the bedroom. He actually does really well as long as I don't forget.
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