Problems litter training my 10 week old kitten

This is probably a tired question but I'm starting to get a little desperate. I've had my recently adopted kitten for about two weeks now. For the first week we had her confined to a small room and she was perfect about using the litter box. Now I have moved into a small apartment where she has free reign while keeping the same litter box (and same type of litter) in our walk in pantry, a place she always has access to. What I don't understand is she now uses the entire apartment as her toilet, only going back to the box by force or on random whims I have yet to figure out. Even if I set her inside the box, she will still jump out and purposely wait to go on the carpet. Since I can't supervise her at night, I've tried confining her to the pantry. She still would rather poo in the corner instead of the litter box right next to her! I can't really move the box to another room because the apartment is so small. I'm at a bit of a loss because she does use the litter box SOMEtimes.

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    Not using the box is usually due to stress or health reasons. If Kitty hasn't been to see her vet yet, it might not be a bad idea to take her, even if she has papers from wherever you adopted her. They can check for impacted anal glands and a possible urinary tract infection that could cause her some pain when she tries to use the box. You say you recently moved and that can be very stressful. Also, shutting her up in the pantry after allowing her free roam can seem like punishment to her as will "forcing" her into the box. She does not associate the box with anything good, it seems. You can try moving her box to a bedroom closet or your own bathroom since it is probably not a good idea to keep her potty in a pantry where you also keep food items. You may need to have your carpeting professionally cleaned. If she smells herself in an area, she will continue to use it. When you establish her with her own vet if you haven't already, then you can also ask them for their advice.
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