Why is my cats ear lop sided?

I felt her ears for any lumps or bumps and when I do that she does not scratch or bite or meow. I looked into her ears too and they are not red. There is no scratches or bite marks. Her ears are a healthy pink color and they look the same size and shape. My dog does play fight with her. Shes not shaking her head or scratching it either.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The only way to be sure that your cat's ear may not be injured deep inside is to have a vet look down there with a lighted scope. This can detect any mites, fleas, blockages or injuries for certain. But usually, if the cat is not shaking her head, scratching, bleeding from the ear or anything else, she's probably OK. If it were my cat and his previously pointy ear suddenly became horizontal and stayed that way, I would take him to his vet just for peace of mind. Since they can't speak out language and tell us exactly what's wrong, checking with the vet is always a good idea when something like this occurs.
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