My 8 year old female cat is extremely obese, yet too skittish to take to a vet. How can she lose wei

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I have a female 8 year old mixed breed cat. She has always been a little stocky, but now she is getting obese. She was a rescue cat, and she's very skittish. She doesn't let us pick her up, and runs away if we approach her too quickly. It would be almost impossible to bring her to a vet. She also lives with another 5 year old male cat. Is there a way I can safely put her on a diet without it affecting my other cat?

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    It is very, very hard to get a cat to lose weight. You need to control calories. Having more than one cat means that you have to feed your cats separately, and you must have designated feeding times. Your vet can give you a target weight and target schedule without seeing your kitty. Following the vet's advice is hard, we know. Rescue cats like my Spike may overeat because of security issues. How long has she been with your male? If only recently, that could be a cause for anxiety. If not recently, she could still be experiencing anxiety. Get a diet schedule from your vet. The issue is not diet foods. It is calorie count. You can put your cat on a diet with a regular diet, if you give less food. It is hard, for both you and your cat. Do your best.
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