Excessive licking after tooth extraction

Hello, I have two tabby brothers who had very bad stomatitis and had all but their two bottom canines removed (both cats are 3 years old) 6 days ago. One cat is fine and eating at his usual rate of speed :) His brother stopped eating after the fentanyl patch both of them had, was taken off 4 days post-operatively. I took him to the vet and a new fentanyl patch was put on. The vet also looked at his mouth and said it looked fine - no evidence of infection or abcesses. He is eating now but during his waking hours licks and smacks his mouth excessively and shakes his head a lot. He is not drooling but still seems to be bothered. He has stitches in which come out next week. I am worried that he is not comfortable and will be licking that much for the rest of his life. Has anyone ever ha a cat lick his lips that long after tooth extraction? Is this something that will go away in time or perhaps after the stitches come out? I want to do more for him if I can.

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  • Denise AntleDenise Antle OhioMember Posts: 255
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    You didn't. Say why all his teeth were extracted. I Have to assume he had some of the difficultys that would inspire humans to do the same. So... if you had all Your teeth pulled. All of the sudden. And no one told you why wouldn't your tongue be looking around? Feed premium canned food maybe. A prescription diet from your vet that provides optimal nutrition in small highly digestable quantities. Also there's secondary infections that may be tormenting your cat. Check for a white coating on Kitty's soft mouth tissues. Swelling. Yeast infection or secondary bacterial infections can be fatal to humans and kittys. Remember cats are the greatest compensaters. Their survival depends on their ability to hide their weaknesses. When it comes to sick Kitty's you Have to be a detective
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