I have two cats one boy one girl and I've been dog sitting they've been hissing and it's been two days will they ever stop can you at least tell me what to do

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  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    If you're dog sitting and the dog is staying at your house it makes sense that they would be upset. They've got a strange, loud, and funny smelling invader on their turf! If you're going to the dog's house to sit, they may be upset that when you come back they can smell him. Our people dog sit sometimes and we've never been upset by their weird doggy scents (intrigued, sure, but not upset) but some cats are more sensitive, and it may help if you can have a designated dog sitting outfit and change out of it and keep it stashed away as soon as you get home. Don't forget to wash your hands and anywhere else the dog has slobbered on you. Usually weird smells offending cats will stop troubling them within a few days. It could even be a coincidence and a wandering stray cat outside is offending them. Keep an eye out for peeping tomcats!
  • Stephen StephenStephen Stephen Member Posts: 28
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    When people hear a cat hissing they usually try to stay clear of it. Hissing often comes just before a fight with another cat or scratching and biting a human. Cats sometimes hiss at people as they walk past. One of my cats Cassie is most unusual in that she will be purring and rubbing at your legs then will suddenly hiss then purr again. She is the only cat I have ever met who can hiss and purr at the same time! If your cat starts hissing at you for no apparent reason, try distracting her by calling her name. If this doesn’t work, very carefully put your hand out in a non-threatening manner while talking softly to her. Try to find out why she is hissing. Is she in pain? Hungry? Hurt? Anxious? Frightened? Some cats that have been teased in the past are always unsure if they are safe. They may just be ‘lashing out’ to get in first. http://www.dogkennelsoutlet.co.uk/ http://www.chickencoopsoutlet.co.uk/ http://www.rabbitrunsandhutches.co.uk/
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