Any ideas on what color my kitten will end up being?

Last week I rescued a kitten who appeared to be black. But once I got home I noticed he looks brown in the sunlight. Also, when I brush back his fur, he is completely grey underneath, all over his entire body. His hair is rather fluffy, with some long gray straggly hairs. Have you had experience with this color combination? And what would your guess be as to his hair length? I was told the mother was shorthaired. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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  • Teagan MTeagan M Member Posts: 6
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    i had the exact same thing happen. Rescued a kitten, looks black, dark brown with black stripes in the sun. Very fluffy as a kitten, not so much now (2 years later). Still has the little white hairs on his chest! However, he has stayed the same colour since then, and the fur underneath is still grey, a little tan near the joints! He will probably stay that colour.
  • Andree-Anne ForguesAndree-Anne Forgues Member Posts: 33
    Accepted Answer
    Hi! My kitty Munchkin looks black in general, but in the sunlight, she's dark brown I'd say. I was told that there was no such thing as a truly black cat.
  • Tiffany TamTiffany Tam RockvilleMember Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer
    He kind of looks like my kitten! My kitten is a bombay mixed with some kind of tabby. She's black with brown stripes and has has the same white area under his neck like Bullseye does, and also on the bottom part of her belly. Maybe he could be part Bombay as well?
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