i have a new kitten who only fits in my palm but is weaned and eating can kitten food is she just sm

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    It's hard to say how old she is. Perhaps she hasn't been getting enough nutrients, and is therefore small? Or maybe she is truley very young, and should be drinking milk? Only a vet would know, but if you can't reach a vet, simply weigh her. (she may weigh too little for it to show up on the scale, in that case you can weigh yourself holding her and then weigh yourself not holding her, then subtract the difference.) For the first four monthes of life, kittens gain approximatly a pound per month. KIttens should stop drinking milk at 8 weeks, or 2 monthes, so if your kitten is under 2 pounds kitten formula is a good idea. But since she is already weaned, fatty, nutrient-packed canned kitten food may be a better option. You can always see the vet for help on what to do. Best of luck! :)
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