Myself, my two chihuahuas and my cat were in front of our house. My cat is very friendly with dogs.

A woman came by walking her shepard mix. my cat went after the shepard. the shepard started to get agressive when he realized my cat was not playing. I ran and put my dogs in the house then ran back to get my cat, by this time she was in the driveway. Why did my cat do that? Was she protecting me? She has never done anything like this before.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It's hard to figure out why your cat, who likes dogs, decided that she likes all dogs EXCEPT this one. All cats like my dog, Cady, too, except for my son's cat. It could have been the Shepherd's body language, a look in his eye, his scent or even his owner. Unless the dog threatened you, it's doubtful your cat was protecting you. I believe that animals understand each other on a different level from the way we humans understand them and each other. There is non-verbal communication between them, that's for sure. My 2 female dogs will occasionally "go at it" and I have no idea why. It's just something between the 2 of them. In any case, you may not want to keep your cat loose when you are out in case she decides that there is another dog or even a person she doesn't like. It could result in a lawsuit. Leash train her or consider keeping her in the house.
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