adopted a 15mon calico shy/scared wont really eat not drinking hasnt peed or#2 wont let us pet her e

she was letting us pet her 2nd day now its 3rd day she hides from one spot to another only in my room i leave my door open for her to explore but she wont i have to literately beg her to eat and drink we dont try to pick her up we just let her be we try playing w her though and petting but now she wont let us im lost idk what to do this is my 1st cat

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Cats are very sensitive creatures. You don't say what sort of life this kitty had before you adopted her, but if she's been abused or neglected or kept in a cage in a shelter, she needs much time to convince herself that you love her and this is her forever home. "Letting her be" is the best thing you can do for her. Trying to restrain or hold her will make the situation worse. Right now, meet her needs. Make sure she has a very clean box, food and water, and if you haven't seen your vet, take her in to make sure she has no health issues. Leave out dry food and fresh water and she'll probably eat at night. It's not good for her to not be going to the bathroom, so that's why I sugggested seeing her vet. Have a few boxes around so there's always one close by. Go sit in your room and talk softly to her. Don't look her in the eye and blink a lot. That's how cat's communicate that they're not a threat. I used to read to Izzie when I was socializing him. Keep doing what you're doing.
  • Kelly BeckerKelly Becker Member Posts: 56
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    I agree with this answer.I volunteer at my local humane society and actually focus on the more troubled souls. Leave her be until she gets used to her surroundings. Food, water and litter box in a quiet room where she can feel safe and explore a little. Go in from time to time and watch tv or read. When you can handle her, try giving her a neck, shoulder massage. I find a lot of stressed cats are just like humans and appreciate the relief. You can try a stick/feather toy as well. She may be interested enough to come out and investigate. Do you have other pets?
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