Our 4 months old male kitten is urinating all around the house. The reason, for sure, is our 2 year

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It's been my experience with Izzie that when he "marks", he will usually only mark in 2 places in my whole house and always there. If your cat is marking, check to see if your dog might also be pottying in the house. Dogs and cats will "cover" each other's urine scents with their own. You may need to have your rug professionally cleaned and wipe down any walls that have been marked with an oxy or enzyme based cleaner. If your cat has not been to a vet in a while, and if he is not neutered, both should be done as soon as possible. At the age of 4 months, your kitten is coming into his sexual maturity and the marking will get worse if he's not neutered. And, he should be checked for a bladder infection, which will make him stop using the box and also causes the strong urge to pee or even dribble anywhere he happens to be. Try to keep relations friendly between your pets. Don't shriek at them or strike them when they play or chase. Keep them from hasseling each other. Your vet can advise
  • Kelly BeckerKelly Becker Member Posts: 56
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    When I brought my 3 month old kitten home, I put a little box on every floor right out in the open. Every 20-30 minutes I would pick him up and set him in the box. He would jump out and I would do it again in 30 minutes. Eventually, he went. And I have had no problems. Make sure the litter is not too deep for him. If their back end hits the litter, they do not like that. Nor should they be knee-deep in the little. An inch to an inch and a half will do.
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