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This is the 3rd round. One of my (3) cats pees on my wood floor. We went thru this before, and then he stopped, now it is constant. I have used foil, alarms, putting a box there, everything I can think of. He is sweet loving, but fearful of others. he was a rescue, but I have had him about 7 years. I can not have guests, and have to replace a large section of floor. Please help--it will save his life. I am heartbroken over this issue, please help

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    Is it a boy? If so, you could get him neutured; male cats who haven't been neutured sometimes do this. If the cat is neutured and is still peeing everywhere, I would suggest going to the vet- it could have a urinary tract infection. UTI's are often the reason for cats peeing outside of their litter trays. Other than all of that, the only other reason it could be is that it is under some sort of stress- maybe another cat is bullying him or a recent change to environment has stressed him out.
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    If the area has not been cleaned properly (removing all scent), they will continue to think that is where they are supposed to go because they can smell it. There ae protein based cleaners for this reason. Also, you should have a box per cat (even if they share them).It should be scooped out daily, cleaned and refilled once a week. If you have covered litter boxes, I would switch to open ones and they should be in a convenient place for them...not in the farthest, darkest part of the house. And yes, check with the vet for health issues and stress can be a possibility. Good luck!
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