My cat is aggressive and will sneak up on me, should I get her a friend/another cat?

I have a one year old Siamese cat that I got/rescued when she about 8 weeks old. She will attack and bite my arms, hands, and feet at random times, especially when I am at my computer trying to get work done. She has a ton of toys (balls, feathers, numerous string toys hanging from various places, mice, etc.). She loves the laser pointer. I am gone on average 10 hours per day. As soon as I get home I will give her attention and play with her, but she still bites and scratches. I have a spray water bottle that I use along with "NO BITE!" but that hasn't worked. I have never played with her with my hands and told guests the same thing. I don't trim her nails because I was told by a groomer that it will only encourage them to sharpen them by scratching on things. It is too the point that I am thinking about either getting another cat so she not only has company, but will learn that her biting and scratching isn't fun when it is received, or giving a new home which would break my heart.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    A lot of times, cats will transfer what they do with their toys (stalking, pouncing, etc.) to their humans which, as you've discovered, isn't fun. It's possible that another cat would teach her that being attacked isn't fun on the other end, but it's also possible the other can could be submissive and that would just reinforce your cat's dominant behavior. If the other cat is dominant as well, you could be living with constant cat fights. A friend of mine used to "hiss" loudly at her kitten like a mother cat would do. She'd also put him in a time out room for a minute when he got out of hand. She'd ignore him, too, when he played too rough. When you're on the computer, she sees lots of motion of your hands, the screen, etc. Fascinating for a cat! It takes time and patience to train a cat that aggressiveness is not acceptable and your vet can help you out. If you surrender her because she bites/claws, she won't get another home. Consult with your vet for training tips. Good luck!
  • Arna CohenArna Cohen Member Posts: 565
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    She's still a baby, really, and you are her great big toy. Play with her often and to the point where she is actually panting from exhaustion - that should help get the ya-yas out. As for your groomer's advice - that's a load of B.S. Cats scratch on things to mark territory as well as wear their claws down. They also do it because the nails grow in layers like an onion, so they claw things in order to shed the outer layers. Claws grow continually, and she should have them trimmed regularly to prevent them from curving around and growing into her pads.
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