Why is my cat overweight??

My Sally will be 2 in October. At her age I feel her weight of about 15 lbs is too much. She has a "pouch" I dont know how else to describe it. I feed Sally only grain free foods. I don't know what to do. The quick backstory: Sally has what the dr's say is asthma. She is on meds to control attacks. But she was "chucky" before she developed this. Sally's sister Galaxy passed away last year Thanksgiving weekend, only 1 year old. The vet says it was cancer. Sally has always been bigger then Galaxy. I do not want this to affect her health in any way. I dont know what to do, should I even be as concerned as I am. People have told me this is not uncommon..HELP!!

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  • Arna CohenArna Cohen Member Posts: 565
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    15 pounds is definitely too much weight for any age cat. She should be on a diet of wet-food only, no kibble (which is too high in calories and carbs and not high enough in protein or water). Ask the vet to figure out how many calories Sally should get daily to get to her ideal weight. Find out how many calories are in the wet food you choose, then divide her allotted calories into 2-3 meals per day. Get her to exercise more. It will be a slow process, as it should be, but Sally should be able to lose 4-5 pounds over the course of several months. You want to aim for a weight loss of about 2 ounces a week. For more information, go to catinfo.org
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Monster is right, but I would like to respectfully add that it depends on Sally's size and breed as to whether she's overweight. Izzie is a Maine Coon and they are traditionally larger cats. He weighs between 15-17 pounds, but he isn't overweight. My vet told me to stand and look down on my cats when they're also stading. If they're a normal weight, they should have a nice "hourglass shape", with no sides bulging out, etc. There should be a good covering of muscle/fat over their ribs, but you should be able to feel their ribs. Because Sally already has health issues and with asthma, any excess weight could impact her breathing, your best bet would be to speak with your vet to find out for sure if they feel she's overweight. A lot of female cats have a "pouchie". I'm not sure why unless it has something to do with having extra room to bear kittens. However, if the pouchie is a spare tire, then Monster is right on with his advice.
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