Making our kitties into friends?

My fiancee just brought her two cats (Female) to my apartment. I had one cat (Male) that's been with me for years. We kept her cats in the bedroom for several days and tried to introduce them to each other slowly. At this point we let the girls out most of the time. The problem is that one of her girls is kind of a bully. She has always been a bully. Her two kitties came from a house with 4 other cats (6 cats altogether) and she would bully them too. I am feeling very sad, because at this point my boy, Chase, is pretty much relegated to the cat tree in a corner of the apartment. He comes down to eat his food and drink water which is close to his tree. He won't use the litter box until we lock the girls in the room. I am very concerned. He seems to be warming up to the other girl kitty but the bully keeps him scared. The bully kitty has some "issues". I don't know if you'd say she's retarded or what but she seems to have mental issues and training is proving difficult. Please help! <3

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    In the animal world, when they live in a group, herd, whatever, there is a heirarchy of dominance and submission, the "Alpha/Omega" behavior. But, it sounds like your GF's cat is going overboard. It's hard to watch, I know, especially when YOU'RE cat is the one getting picked on. I don't know what makes you think the bully is "retarded", but if her behavior is truly that off-center, she needs to go to the vet for an exam to make sure she has no health issues, or if perhaps a short course of anti-anxiety meds and some behavioral counselling from the vet would work with her. Do not reinforce her dominance. Feed her last. Scoop her box last. Groom her last. Treat her kindly, but let her know that YOU and your GF are the Alphas of the family, NOT her. No hitting or shrieking, but when she approaches the male to intimidate him, you may want to aim a spray bottle over her head and say a sharp "NO!" Do check with your vet first, though, to make sure all is well with her.
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