My cat(s) keep urinating in the entryway to my house. I don't know how to stop it.

I have two cats. A few months ago one or both of them started eliminating in the entry way to my house. I have a split level house, sort of, where there is a mud room at the bottom, then stairs to the main floor, then stairs to the upper level. They have had a litter box on the upper level (their "room", the laundry, with the litter box and their food dishes) and another litter box on the main floor behind a couch. Up until a couple of months ago it hadn't been a problem. When it started I treated the area with Nature's Miracle and some Urine-Away spray I got from the vet. When that didn't stop I put a small litter box down there, then they started eliminating in or outside of it. However this made the whole house smell terrible so I started slowly moving the box. They responded by "going" right back where they used to. I don't know what to do. They are slowly destroying that area.

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    Not using the box is usually a sign of ill-health or stress. If the urine is near to a wall or door, chances are there's a stray cat outside and your cats are "marking" their territory. Watch for one in your yard. Also, if they aren't altered, they need to be. And, have their urine checked for infection as that can cause them to stop using the box. It's possible they want a larger box. Izzie is a big cat at 15lbs. and I have 2 other smaller cats. I use a large Rubbermaid "underbed storage" box and put about one and a half inches of litter in it. I also have another LARGE box for them. I scoop at least once a day as the Diva Delilah will poop in the bathtub if I don't keep the box clean enough for her. If they persist in using that area, there is a device called "SCCAAT" which is basically a motion-sensored spray can of air that will puff out air when they come near it and chase them away. I've never heard anything about it, but saw it once at Wal-Mart.
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