Hi! My name is lisa and my cat is Tuxedo. Hes a 2.5 year old tuxedo cat and I love him to bits. I ad

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  • Cristen BlandCristen Bland Member Posts: 6
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    First things first: is he fixed? Neuturing him will ease the hormones telling him to 'mark'. Overall fixing him will help him in the long run. Secondly: is his litterbox scooped daily? I was once given a scenario that put scooping litterboxes into perspective for me. "Do you enjoy peeing/popping in an unflushed toilet"? I find the thought of using the restroom that's full of other waste repulsive; and so do cats. Thirdly: any environmental stressers? New pet, baby, smells? Cats are finicky and don't like change. I suggest adding Feliway plug ins. They work wonders to calm antsy kitty cats
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