What can I do about my cats oozing sebaceous cyst?

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My 18 year old cat has a sebaceous cyst on the back of her neck. Because of her age, the vet won't remove it as she may not survive the anaesthetic. Because she scratches it, the cyst is open. It dries up and forms a scab but it fills with blood and pus and then she inevitably scratches it again and I end up with a big scab and lots of blood over things; usually my bed!. I will quite often take the scab off myself and clean the wound with colloidal silver so that I don't end up with scabs and blood all over the place. Does anyone know what i can do to a)cure/get rid of the cyst or b) reduce the amount of scab and goop from the cyst??

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Since your kitty is scratching at it and re-opening the wound and because she may be getting fecal and other infectious matter in it from her paws, IMHO I believe that your doctor could prescribe an oral or salve antibiotic for her. They may even want to put the secretions under a microscope to gauge what antibiotic would clear up the infection. The only way to reduce the itching, scabbing and infection is to clear it up. The area could be shaved (by your vet) to help keep it clean. Do you think it would be possible for her to have her back paws in "mittens" so that when she DOES scratch it doesn't tear open the wound? She won't like it, but at this point it might be the lesser of 2 evils. It's also probably a good idea for the vet to keep her claws trimmed as short as possible or show you how to do it. What about just a mild sedative and a local anesthetic? If you have the stomach for it, you might even be allowed to stay with her during the procedure to keep her calm.
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    I hope you see a very good cat only vet..it might not be a cyst and if it is, maybe something should be placed over it she can't scratch at..is she uncomfortable?? at 18, I feel for you, but, again, see a proper vet who isn't going to take you for a ton of money and she still not make it thru anesthesia..if you must say goodbye, pls call a good mobile vet who is compassionate and kind..it's easier when your sweetie is on your lap in familiar surroundings..make sure the vet gives a shot of valium first to totally calm her, then puts her to sleep, then stops her heart.. I wish you lived in vegas but I know there are great people out there..I didn't want to bring lily or bear to the ofc and be scared..neither was..mine was the last loving voioce they heard..


  • Digger FlashDigger Flash Member Posts: 1
    My cat had the same thing at 17 years old. It started as an abscess but eventually became an open sore. I took her to the vet right away and she removed it with a local anaesthetic, stitched it up and gave her an antibiotic that works for two weeks. I stayed with her the entire procedure and she did very good! It cost me $242. Take her to the vet, it needs to be removed. Hope this helps!
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