My Kitten is Acting Crazy After Being Neutered

My kitty, Parker, was neutered on Wednesday morning around 8am. Everything went smoothly, and we picked him up the same day at 6pm. That night he seemed fine, slept well and even seemed to have his appetite back. The next day, however, at around 8pm Parker started acting a bit crazy. For no reason at all he would run around like wild, jump up high on things he's never climbed up on before, and sprint around like a wild cat for no good reason until he stopped and panted. He also began aggressively licking his paws and body (we always stop him from licking the wound where the neutering took place) and he is constantly flicking his ears and scratching at them. I looked for mites/fleas, but his ears look pink and clean. He also has begun hiding under the blankets when these fits begin. We have three pain pills from the vet and we give him one each morning. Does anyone have any idea what might be up with our furbaby? He still comes up to us for cuddles and to sleep on us from time to time,
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