AHHH! Worms- what can I do NOW??

I usually clean the litter box in the morning before work and then in the evening when I get home (it's like she doesn't want to "go" while Im there- ITA with the "potty in privacy" ethos.) ANYWAY, I was cleaning the litter box, and hadn't put the lid back on, when Kat used it. No problem, I went to scoop, and saw a worm! maybe 2 (long , white, thin, GROSS) in her stool. I think it's roundworm. Im guessing this isn't enough to justify a trip to the emergency vet, but no ones open until MONDAY! She was a stray, I only got her @ a month ago, but I never noticed this before...... could it just be because it was fresh? and- does the pet store or maybe TSC sell dewormer for this kind of worm? or do I have to wait until Monday?? I have to say, last night, I did notice her belly was rounded, but I just thought she was finally settling in and eating well. She's also in heat (it doesn't rain, but it pours!). She's got an appointment Feb 27 to be spayed. will worms/meds affect that? thx!

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  • Sarah MarksSarah Marks Member Posts: 4
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    If your kitty is eating and using the litter box both ways you should be ok waiting until the vet opens on Monday. If the worm was white it sounds like a tape worm. Tapes comes from fleas. If she had fleas when you got her chances are she has tapes. The over counter tape meds works just fine for this. It is a good idea to call the vet and have a stool sample run to check for other parasites especially if she was a stray. She could have more than one parasite and the only way to tell is to have the test done. But like I said if she is eating and using the litter bix both ways the emergency room is not necessary. Save the money and make an appointment.
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