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My cat has had problems with using # 2 in the litter box, when my mother moved away with her cat who was pretty much the "king" of the house went with her, my cat stopped going outside the litter unless it was too dirty for him . I had just moved into a new home a few months ago..and i noticed about a month and half after we moved in, he started peeing outside the litter. he had no infections and plus he knew what he was doing because he would take off and hide after he did it even if i wasnt there to catch him or notice it. he did it a lot more when i had to cut back his food due to him being extremely overweight but i found ways to let him think there was enough food in the container so he didnt do it as much . i have tried being nice and telling him no ..also i have done the water bottle and putting him next to the spot and telling him no . im too afraid to tap his nose or anything due to him being abused by previous owner. I NEED HELPPPP !!!!

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    Okay – first – some of your techniques are backfiring on you. You can't use punishment for box issues – only positive reinforcement. You just moved – so there is stress in the house – your kitty is most likely reacting to this. Start from scratch – put the box in a quiet place where your kitty won't be distracted or interrupted. Clean up any spots where he soiled with an enzymatic cleaner – If he can smell it – he will continue to go there. If he misses – don’t scold him – no water pistol – no NO! – just ignore it. When he uses the box – give him high praise and treats. If it continues you may want to try some calming aids such as a Feliway diffuser. Retraining is HARD – but you can do it – you need patience – and a pair of rubber gloves (cleaning up all the spots where he missed is critical)! Good luck!
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    Also make sure his litter box is big enough for him & that he's able to easily get in and out of it. A large shallow clear plastic storage container makes a good cheap litter pan that's both large enough for a big cat & at the same is easy for a fat cat to get in & out of. A very overweight cat often is unable to clean his rear & his skin may become dirty, irritated, sore, or even infected. If your cat is long haired I suggest you keep his hair around his rear clipped short. Take your kitty to the vet, too. He may have diabetes or another medical problem that is causing or contributing to his housesoiling problem. Your vet can also advise you how to help your cat lose weight SAFELY. A fat cat must lose weight slowly, too rapid weight loss can cause serious medical problems.
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