Cat pooping on the couch part 2 because I cant figure out how to respond. To add: He has been to vet and he is fine, I have used every cleaner, I spray him because the vet told me to and it is the only thing that stops him. He normally has no problems with using the litter box he just like my couch better. His sister does not interfere with him while he uses the box. I have been training for months. Thanks

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  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    I am surprised the vet suggested spraying him - the better method is to pick him up and put him in the box - but this has to happen in the moment. I will not correct the problem and may create another one. There is a condition called middening - it's a behavioral condition where cats actually defecate in certain places as an act of marking in response to stress and anxiety. A cat will midden in a very obvious place often when competing with another cat for territory – like spraying – and you mentioned your other cat dominates him. There is limited information on the internet about it – it requires retraining and possibly using anti-anxiety medication to help get through it. A good way to tell if it’s maddening versus defecating – is he scratching around it when he is done – as if he were trying to cover it? I have experience with this – we alleviated Katie’s stress and made her box more inviting and she self-corrected over time. Pawmail me and we can chat.
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