How can I turn a cat that wants to spend so much time outside into an indoor cat?

The cat in question was born outside to a stray female (who we later had spayed) and lived his early weeks outside. He was the only one of a litter of three who really let himself be touched and tamed. He takes his meals inside and often spends much of the night inside but then wakes up early and wants out. Or he is out as bed time arrives and shows up later.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Most cats and many people believe that cats SHOULD be outside. However, as someone who's lost 2 cats outside, I tend not to agree. Both cats were outdoor cats when I got them. One, Lily Rose, used to claw and chew her way through our window screens to get out. This cat REALLY wanted out. She was found dead on a neighbor's driveway. I still miss Ernie, who was a bum and didn't beat a car when he tried to cross the street. It's VERY difficult to turn a indoor/outdoor cat into an all indoor. You can buy toys, put on rock concerts, build fantastic climbing walls and a friend even had a waterfall in her "cat room", and the cat will still want to go out. You can try some of these things, but bottom line is that since he already has the outdoors in his blood, he's going to want to be out. Make sure he's micro-chipped. Collars work only if the cat keeps them on. Ernie and Lily never did. And of course neutered. Make your yard interesting with catnip plants and places for him to play or lay.
  • Michelle BogertMichelle Bogert ThorntonMember Posts: 17
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    Even tho we were always raised indoor, I want nothing more than to go outside each day. However, cats that go outside are at risk for feline AIDS, and Lukemia. So, the compromise that has been made is we are allowed out on our deck with a long leash for a little while and then brought back in. No chance of cars, and we're kept away from the wild animals. If you have a deck, patio, or fenced in yard, I would suggest this as a way to let kitty out to play.
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