Why is my cat pooping on the brand new carpet? Could it be territorial? I thought that was pee.

My cat's litterbox trained. But recently decided to use a vacant room (remodeling) to poop in. Still peeing in litterbox, but don't know why he's choosing to do this. Thought it might be territorial, as that's the room family/friends dogs stay in when here, but he started after new carpet was put in, and I thought territory marking was more pee. But only along a back wall in this room. Seems more behavioral but I have no idea what he's trying to do/tell me.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If you wrote this after Bo was injured, his inappropriate elimination may be because he's not well. He's stressed and in pain. Also, if he isn't neutered, he needs to be after he's on the road to recovery. That will not only cut down on his marking behavior (yes, animals do mark with feces as well as urine) but also his eagerness to bolt outside. Make sure his litter box is kept VERY clean. Some cats don't mind, others do and will use any convenient out of the way place (like behind a sofa or in a corner). He may also be one of those kitties who needs more than one litter box in different areas of the house.


  • Gina FayneGina Fayne MichiganMember Posts: 1
    This could be a mild form of territorial marking known as "scat marking". The big cats in the wild use it to mark their home territories. Basically, it tells others that they may safely pass through the area, but don't dawdle and definitely do not even think about killing one of my antelopes. Is it possible that one of the visitors marked there, sleeps there or that maybe a rodent has a nest behind the wall in that area? I had a cat that would use the runner rug that was in the hallway between the bedroom and the kitchen. We think she saw it as her "game trail" from her sleep area to her eating place. If I cleaned it thoroughly, she would poop on it as soon as she was able to. If I cleaned it just well enough that humans couldn't detect the odor, she would not mark again for a few weeks. I got rid of the rug Also, since the carpeting is new, there is possibly a scent that you cat finds either wonderful or terrible. Try a thorough steam cleaning and see if that stops the behavior
  • Your cat may just be a little confused with the new surroundings and new smells. Animals can be kind of funny when it comes to change.
  • Luke TorresLuke Torres TampaMember Posts: 3
    I agree with the author of the post above. He is stressed out and confused. Try giving him time, and moving his food on the carpet where he eats will help the situation, though he may just poop elsewhere. Try multiple litterboxes, some cats like their scent to get around the house.
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