Can cats have seasonal allergies?

Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
Tipper has been having fits of sneezing the past few weeks since the weather has warmed up and we've had the windows open. Today I noticed her eyes were starting to water a bit. No goop or crust. No redness or puffiness to her eyes, just a little watery and still fits of sneezes. Is it possible she has seasonal allergies? I can't recall if she had any issues like this in prior years. Though this year has been VERY high for allergens compared to recent years.

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  • Stephanie WheatleyStephanie Wheatley Stillwater, OKMember Posts: 129
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    Yes. Cats (and dogs) can have seasonal allergies, but there are other causes that your vet might want to rule out first. Asthma (though if there's no coughing, that might not be the problem), rhinotracheitis (also known as herpes). However, if it is allergies, a quarter of a Benadryl can help. The worst part is trying to cut a Benadryl into quarters.
  • TwinkleTwinkle BirminghamMember Posts: 10,788 ✭✭✭✭
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    I woke up Sunday morning sneezing with watery eyes & I kept shaking my head. Mommy took me to the vet & he said that I have allergies. He didn't know what I was allergic to of course. My eyes were red & swollen & my ears looked a little pink even though Mommy didn't notice it. So Tipper's eye's could be red & swollen too. This has just now started up for me. I never had problems in the past. I was given some sort of shot for it. The vet suggested that Mommy go get some 10 mg Zyrtec to give me once a day. Cats can get allergies just like humans.


  • Immune IQImmune IQ Member Posts: 25
    Hi how's tipper?.. is he still having seasonal allergies?.. Are you still struggling with this issue? If so, I can reply to you here or faster via email if you still need help, at [email protected](com) - Cynthia
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