Why might my cat be vomiting/defecating on the floor almost every night?

Almost every night, one of my cats (not sure which one) either vomits or defecates on the floor. I'm not sure if it's vomit or feces. It's yellowish in color and it's mushy and liquidy. Neither of them do this at any other time; it's always while I'm asleep. This has been has been an on/off problem for several months. What could be the cause? I have not seen a vet yet and it would be best if I could settle this without seeing a vet (but I'm willing to) because my mom won't pay for it and I don't have a job. I changed their food several months ago from a cheap brand to Purina Naturals at the recommendation of the vet because they said cheap cat food is like McDonald's for cats. I'm not good with time, so I'm unsure if the start of vomiting and change in food coincided. I think if the cats were bothered by the change in food, they would have adjusted by now. But they're not doing it after eating; it's happening at night. There's no food in the vomit/feces.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Izzie and Delilah are both champion hurlers, but it's usually a hair-ball issue, which you can see in their vomit and looks like a long pellet. I'm sorry that your mom is being stubborn about getting your cats vet care. It indicates to me that she is not "on-board" with having the cats in the first place and may have caved in to getting them when she didn't really want to. If it's always at night, then perhaps the cats, when the house is quiet, are getting into something, such as a plant or "people food" that is unattended and they're eating it. It's really not possible for us to say what could be causing it just over a computer. Most of us here are "just" cat lovers and not veterinary professionals, and the only way to really tell for sure if there's a problem is to have them examined by a vet. Offer to do extra jobs around the house to earn money to pay for the vet bill. If you are a young adult, perhaps babysitting jobs, etc. could help. Good luck.
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