How to stop my cat from pooping outside of the litter box.. Please help me!!!!

I had a one-year-old female cat. She was a stray kitten that we adopted at eight weeks old. She is fixed and declawed in the front. I had issues with her at about three months old with trying to find a litter that she enjoyed. After trying multiple times I found a litter with an attractive in it for kittens that she liked. There is two litter boxes present. one downstairs on the first floor and one we recently added up in the office. When she was about seven months old, she went back to you using the office as a poop box. i have used multiple products to try to cover the scent but it has not worked. There is nothing medically wrong with her (was cleared by my vet) and no new stressors, although while we were away for four days she didn't poop upstairs once. Please help me.

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    Dr. Elsey's makes a litter attractant that you can add to the litter she likes to make it more appealing to your cat. Also, when she does not have an accident, praise her with attention. Finally, you can keep the office door closed. ^_^
  • Kelly BeckerKelly Becker Member Posts: 56
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    Is she peeing in the box? Sometimes declawed cats don't like the feel of the litter on their paws but I think this is rare. You sound like a very responsible cat owner but makes sure the litter box isn't too tall or too full of litter and cleaned regularily. If too full their backends touch the litter. There are enzymatic carpet cleaning products sold at pet stores that will get the smell out. I believe PetSmart sells Nature's Miracle. I have been told that the dog formula works best as it is stronger. And yes,as below, lots of praise and treats when you catch her in coming out of the box!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I know that finding little kitty landmines where they shouldn't be isn't pleasant. Finding out why she's doing this takes some research, trial and error. Get some disposable litter boxes and experiment with different litters--scented vs. unscented, clumping vs. non-clumping, a covered box vs. an uncovered box, etc. By using this "box line-up" method, you should be able to figure out what she prefers. Boxes should be scooped twice a day if you can. Cats usually spend almost half a minute playing in the litter before they "go", so if she's in an out in a few seconds, she probably doesn't like her potty area. Make sure her food bowl is not near the box and that she's not disturbed by people or other animals while she's in the box. And, you may want to consider having the office floor professionally cleaned, explaining to the cleaners that they need to use a pet deodorizer/cleaner in there. Cats also will use their feces to mark their territory, btw.
  • Seraphine KelleySeraphine Kelley Member Posts: 59
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    Is the office yours, or a spouses/roommate? I've read cats will use leaving feces uncovered as a show of dominance, so maybe kitty is playing a power game with the tenant. Another possibility along those same lines is maybe someone is spending too much time in the office instead of playing with kitty (in thier opinion).


  • Andrea ShearerAndrea Shearer OrpingtonMember Posts: 3
    The best litter that I find is call catsan which all 8 of my cats have no trouble using. Another thing is to get a litter box that has a lid as some of my cats are funny about people or other cats being around them when they want to go to the loo!
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