Rhea is having litter box issues!!!!!!

Okay so to start out with the first time she went outside of the litter box was when my niece was leaving for a week. That's when it first started and its been off and on for quite awhile now and now she absolutely refuses to use the cat genie no mater what we try its very frustrating. I have even contemplated giving her back to the breeder. I love her to much to give up on her and want to fix this issue but I cant get her to start using it. I have talked to the breeder and she suggested a few things we have already tried with little luck. What do I do even if I bring back the regular litter box she still has issues with it. She is 9 months old spayed. I need advice. She doesn't have any health issues but is very stressed out about the cat genie.

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    Covered litter boxes are for people, not cats (in the wild they're not huddled in a box). Switch back to an open pan and UNSCENTED litter. Then try Dr. Elsey's problem cat attractant additive- he guarantees 100% litter box use or your $$ back. When you see your cat emerge from the box after having used it, give her a treat to help reinforce the positive behavior. ^_^


  • I suggest first you give her back a basic litter box for the most obvious solution. Second, if she was close to your niece that left, she may be trying to let you know she is sad or upset. if this is the case, she will probably get over it soon. Just make sure the area she is urinating outside the box is cleaned thoroughly so there is no scent left. Most of all, just get rid of the cat genie. If she doesn't like it, she probably never will. Get a regular box with scoopable litter and she will most likely get back to normal. Her not using the cat genie is hardly a reason to upset and confuse her by sending her back. At this point she has accepted, trusted and gotten used to you and your home. Sending an animal back is an absolute last resort and would hurt and confuse her more than ever.
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