My 12 Year old cat won't stop vomiting... Why?

Michelle ShafferMichelle Shaffer Mountain HomeMember Posts: 2
On Halloween (Last Thursday) I took my 12 1/2 year old cat, Baby, to see the vet for excessive vomiting. We had her shaved the week prior and she had been vomiting 1-3 times a night. He thought she had a intestinal virus that she may of caught while being groomed there, gave her a shot of antibiotics and some in pill form to take for the next week. Told me to call on Monday if the vomiting didn't stop and they will do x-rays and blood work for other issues. Well she was doing fine until Tuesday night and it started again but now it is just a clear or white vomit, before it was whitish yellow. She has been drinking and eating some but we have noticed she hasn't been pooping also. Starting to worry what is going on...Has anyone else had this happen to their cats? What can it be? An obstruction? FYI-She is a totally indoor cat and always has been and I will call the Vet first thing in the morning.

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    Sometimes they eat something that makes them hurl intentionally, like grass. Do you have any kids that might have fed her something that could make her sick, or does she go out? My cat coughs up clear all of the time when he can't get a hairball out. Grass gel or laxotone are two supplements that help get hairballs out... one way or the other! SmartBites by greenies make hairball control treats, so if your cat likes snacks, try these in tuna or chicken; they're on super sale right now at PetsMart. ^_^
  • Christine LaverieChristine Laverie Member Posts: 305
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    I totally agree with everything Panda Bear said. I was actually going to say some of what he said before i read it MOL!!!! Good Luck with Baby! ^_^
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