I have 3 cats at home and there is blood sprayed. I dont know what happened. Help please!

I have 3 cats at home. 2 are male and 1 is female, however, one of the males is not neutered and it seems he actually got close enough to the female. However, no one was around to see what had happened in the room, and when going back, there seemed to be blood sprayed around the room. I am not sure how this happened, but there was blood on the female cats carpet where she sleeps and there was blood sprayed in places all over the rooms and it is not a large room but not small either. What does this mean really? I checked the male to check to see if there is any blood near his penis section but there wasn't, and the female does not show any signs of blood either by her vaginal area. I am not sure what caused the blood to spray and there are drops of blood it looks like on another part of the floor and the females carpet. What does this mean?

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    This could be something different entirely- a urinary problem. Purchase Litter meter additive and see if the colors change (there are other brands which function similarly). If they do, bring your males into the vet right away. Chances are that it is one of them. Watch them when they urinate to see if anyone is peeing blood. This can signify bladder stones and eventually cause a blockage which requires expensive surgery. ^_^
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