Are those expensive cat trees actually worth it?

Hailey JHailey J Member Posts: 2
I've been looking into buying some more furniture for my kitty. She is currently only 6 weeks old, so if I were to buy one of those tall and complex cat trees she most likely wouldn't be using it much quite yet. But I've also been wanting to get her a high quality cat bed and this is where my question comes in. Would it be more worth my money to buy a large, complex cat tree, one that includes a bed at the bottom, so she could use it now? Or, would I be better off just buying her a bed and/or a smaller tree/condo? If any of you have tall cat trees, how much do your cats use them and would you say they are worth the money? (They are generally around $100) Any info will be much appreciated, thank you!

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  • Samantha GSamantha G Member Posts: 1
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    My kitten (she's 6 months old now) LOVES her cat tree. Hers is 2 tiers with a bed at the bottom and it has a tunnel/hammock thing which is like another bed. She was climbing up to the top pretty soon after I got it, though she was a bit older than 6 weeks. I would say that a tree is a worthy investment, especially if it has scratching posts as well. Most cats love to be up high, or have that option there. I have an inexpensive cat bed which Phoebe has only JUST started using. Her preferred sleep spot is still on top of a cushion, however. :p
  • Francia WebbFrancia Webb Member Posts: 53
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    My cat has passed up every bed I have tried in favorite of sleeping on her cat tree. Her first tree got old and quite shabby after many years of use. I decided to replace it and bought a Petco "Premium" cat tree on sale. This new tree is a big disappointment. It is cheaply made and does not compare to what we had. I bought it online; it looked good online. We paid about $200 for the first tree, and about $100 for the Petco tree. we still have the original tree, and I am going to try to get it refurbished. So, it is the old get what you paid for that applies here plus do not buy online.
  • bridget bohannonbridget bohannon Member Posts: 20
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    My cats love "Catty Stacks." They are sturdy cardboard boxes that clip together to make towers or tunnels or hangouts. Since they clip together, you can rearrange them which keeps my kitties from getting bored. I have stuck a throw pillow in one of the boxes that they use a bed. Since you have such a little kitty you could start off with 2 and build up as she gets bigger. I also love that they are easy enough to assemble and take down that I can fold them up and put them away if we have company and need extra space.
  • Universal WhispererUniversal Whisperer Member Posts: 595 ✭✭
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    I have these cat trees and I'd say they are definitely worth the money. They are much sturdier and cats like a sturdy tree that won't tip over. My cats use them constantly. The cats also love scratching on the sisal wrapped posts of these trees. Your kitten will use the tree much more than you realize. I had 3 very young 6 to 8 wks old rescue kittens who were zooming up and down my biggest cat tree and playing on the highest shelves from the first day they were introduced to the tree. Also if you place a tree by a window, your cat will enjoy sitting on the tree and watching out the window. My cat tree shelves are nearly always occupied by some of my cats watching out the window.
  • Shelby MeowShelby Meow Member Posts: 3
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    My oh my! I 100% believe in the magic of a cat tree! They get your kitten out of the way, up high, and gives them sooooo much exercise. Make sure when buying one you buy one with lots and lots of rope on the posts for scratching and climbing. I have two kittens, 6&4 months: I have had my six month old since he was 6 weeks.. and my 4 month since he was 11 weeks. Both absolutely ADORE their brand new 7ft cat tree! We started off with an expensive 4ft PETCO cat tree.. in the long run it was not enough for both cats to enjoy together and fairly. So we sold it on craigslist and bought one off of Amazon. Same price for three more feet of tree! I swear by cat trees! Most kittens will NOT use their expensive bed that you buy them and it WILL leave you disappointed. Please keep us updated on what you decide! :)
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