When will my kittens antibiotics start working?

Alyson DaherAlyson Daher MiamiMember Posts: 1
My kitten is almost 7 weeks old. Someone who claimed he was 8 weeks gave him to me as a stray. Jasper had fleas that ate up the tip of his tail (lysine has helped grow his fur) and his left eye had conjuctivitus with clear discharge. The doctor diagnosed him with an upper resp. infection (although Jasper didnt exhibit sneezing cold/flu like systems until a week after visit) prescribing eye drops and viralys supplement. During the vet visit, Jasper weighed barely a pound and dr claimed he was actually about 5 weeks old. The eye drops helped, but did not cure the eye so now he is on oral antibiotics (doxy hyclate) 25g/mL 0.2mL 2x a day. It's day two. When should I start seeing improvement? the sneezing is a bit better.

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  • Universal WhispererUniversal Whisperer Member Posts: 595 ✭✭
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    Usually if an antibiotic is going to work, it starts working within 24 to 48 hours. However these upper respiratory infections can be very stubborn to treat because they are usually partly due to virus and partly due to bacterial infection. The fact your kitten's sneezing is getting better is a sign of improvement. Make sure your kitten is getting enough to eat and drink. Watch your kitten for dehydration. To check hydration,you gently pull the skin on top of the shoulders upward away from the body and then release it. The skin should sink right back down into place. If the skin goes down slowly or stays up and doesn't go back down into place at all, the kitten is dehydrated and needs to see the vet ASAP for fluid therapy. Hopefully your kitten is on the mend now!
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    Your kitten is very young and with all of his ailments, is quite lucky that he found you in order to survive. Colds can be pesky, and he is too young for kitten shots yet. At nine weeks you will bring him in for a deworming and the first of three sets of shots. You can make the appointment now. Please note that dewormers will cause runny poo and he may stay under the weather for a few more weeks. Worms eat nutrients from the kitten food- as he switches from formula to wet and then dry, you should see some weight gain. If your vet does not have a specific dry food in mind for him, take a look at Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials Kitten in chicken- the pieces are small enough for the littlest guys, and you can introduce the food by mixing a little in with the wet at first. Good luck at your next vet visit Jasper. --PNS for The Nutro Company, Franklin, TN
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