My 8 year old cat has started going to the bathroom outside the litter box. She doesn't have fleas

I have not seen a vet yet. She hasn't been acting different, except for the going outside of the litterbox. She has stepped in the box smelled around then hopped out and gone somewhere else to go.

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    Are you scooping the box out each day? If not, cats are very clean and she is sending you a message. Persians are notorious for doing this. She might also not like her litter. I would mix in training litter with her regular cat litter until she is using the box 100%, and then you can change to a different brand. Heavily scented brands are pleasing to people, but not cats, as they have 100x a human's sense of smell. Also, clean with a specific pet odor and stain remover, because if she can smell her pee on the floor, she will continue to go in the same spot. Happy Thanksgiving! --PNS for The Nutro Company, Franklin, TN
  • Melissa NankaMelissa Nanka SurreyMember Posts: 20
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    like people have said maybe clean the box more i do it before i leave for work and at night. if you can take her to the vet my cat started doing this and i found out she had kidney stones and $700 later shes doing a lot better and hasnt gone outside the box and sometimes cats are picky with the types of litter you put in the box mine wont use pine pellets anymore it bugs their paws you could try a bigger box and new litter.
  • Linda HartLinda Hart DisneyworldMember Posts: 5
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    Perhaps changing to a different litter brand might work. Also urinary infection possible. Cats are very picky. Add an additional litter box so she has a choice. When all else fails take to vet
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