Hi. My beautiful new kitten (now 9 months and HUGE) terrorizes my other cat (8 years old). He is a

He is already much bigger than she is. She is sickly (being treated for eosophilinic granuloma & asthma) and the sweetest cat in the world. He too is extremely sweet... except when he torments her (which is always). Can someone suggest something I can do to get him to stop biting her? Blowing on his face, spraying him with water & time outs aren't helping. I love them both dearly, but he is making me (and her) crazy :(.

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  • Christine ConradChristine Conrad Member Posts: 2
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    I am sorry for the stress this is putting on you and you 8 yr old. I presently have two 20 month old kittens I adopted and a 4 yr old that is a adopted feral cat. Because she is feral she has always been a scared weaker domninant cat. The younger cats recognize the weakness and they try to be dominant over her. It sounds like your kitten is trying to do the same thing with your eight yr old kitty. So- what I have had to do is totally separate my 4 yr old from the 20 months olds. during the day I let the 20 month olds have the run of the house and my 4 yr old gets put in my bedroom with litter box, food and water. At night when I get home from work the 20 months get put to bed in the back bedroom and my 4 yr old is allowed to have the run of the house. Since doing this my 4 yr old is no longer scared to come out, she is playing again, and seems very happy. if you want more info u can reply to me at [email protected]
  • Jenna RiceJenna Rice Member Posts: 29
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    The young cat probably recognizes that the older one is sickly and is trying to establish dominance. Usually cats will eventually figure out who is dominant and settle down, but sometimes it takes awhile, and it isn't good to just let them fight it out or to let one cat stress another out too much. Separating them whenever you can't keep an eye on them is always a good option, so you need two sets of food and litter and all of that. You might also want to give him calming treats or try Feliway spray, which can reduce cat aggression. Also experiment with which cat you treat as the alpha, sometimes you can fix behavioral problems by treating the dominant cat as the alpha, ie petting him first, feeding him first, etc. Sometimes that can make things worse because then the less dominant cat will get angry too, but it's worth experimenting a little and watching their behavior.


  • We have a 15 yr old and a 6yr....since the 6 yr old was 18 months old she has terrorized our older cat. They are both spayed. I use Feliway in the main rooms and I give respite by putting one outside on the porch by themselves each day. I provide a separate place for sleeping and hanging out. This helps but it hasnt stopped it.
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