I caught my 8 month old kitten peeing in the stainless steel dog food bowl. Her litter box was clean

She's peed in various other bowls around the house. She also does use her litter box - just not all the time.

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  • Jenna RiceJenna Rice Member Posts: 29
    Accepted Answer
    She might be peeing in the dog bowl because she's mad at the dog for some reason? Cats get territorial and are very good at figuring out exactly what is important to whoever they don't like, and will pee in that spot.


  • Deb RobinsDeb Robins Member Posts: 4
    She just started this? or has it always been there? A cat may start using other "litter boxes" if they have a urinary bladder infection or blockage. It hurts to urinate in the cat box so it is the box's fault, right? It is NOT unusual for them to have an UTI and one of the signs is all of a sudden not using the litter box and using anything/everything else as a substitute as they now associate the litter box with pain. Once the UTI is taken care of, they go back to using the litter box. Is she fed dry food? she may not be getting enough water in her diet which makes her prone to UTIs. Good luck!
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