My male cat had a UTI this week.. He has had ,in the past week,x-ray to r/o blockage,antibiotic shot

He eats only dry food. He is peeing only very small size amounts. Outside cat is stressing him. She has to come in to warm up from time to time due to bad weather. I am unable to go back to the vet with him..Any advice much appreciated.

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  • sheila pimentelsheila pimentel Member Posts: 4
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    I don't have an answer but my male had the same thing he just got back from a 3 day stay at vet. Vet wants him to eat this urinary tract kibble that's supposed to help in dissolving those crystals in the bladder . He didnt eat in there or drink either. They had concerns of reblockage because we couldn't afford xrays. His bladder had backed up into his kidneys and it was full of blood. they said to watch and make sure he was outputting urine. Well how do you do that when he wont drink? so i've been squirting little bits into his mouth because how can his kidneys work? I totally know about vets and cost. I walked in with 63 $ they wouldnt touch him for less than a grand. So i went out and begged for it finally starting treatment but till that time he sat there near death. So I am at a loss too. I can only guess at what or how i get him eating/drnking again to try and save him.


  • Deb RobinsDeb Robins Member Posts: 4
    My male cat has chronic bladder blockage (he is 11 now) Things you can do NOW - feed him WET food. Dry food, especially low quality - purina cat chow, friskies, etc - set male cats up for this. ONLY feed him canned food. He needs to drink as much water as possible - I add water to his canned food, too, to make sure he gets enough water. I also have a water fountain that runs 24 hours/day to entice him to drink water; you can leave a dripping faucet. Cats like to drink fresh and running water. My vet also writes a prescription for a smooth muscle relaxant that the pharmacy mixes w/ fish oil. It costs $40 at pharmacy (cheaper than the vet visit) and I give it 3x a day to relax the muscles so he can pee easier. Stress is a big factor as is a multicat home (I have 5 living inside). Also good is canned prescription food - expensive though. Look for brands with LOW magnesium and ash. I make my own food for the brood. I keep cats that bother him as separate as possible. good luck!
  • While he's still suffering symptoms trying to get him to eat wet food would be better to get him extra liquid. Also, my vet recommended a cat fountain when my male cat had a UTI after surgery, because it encourages them to drink more. I also have found that using spring water seems to entice them more as well. Also, what about calling the vet and talking to her on the phone and explaining the stress he is under? She might be able to give some advice or call in something to help his nerves for the next couple days until the antibiotics take full affect...
  • Anna BookerAnna Booker Member Posts: 1
    Switch your kitty's dry food with wet food. Ideally a raw diet would be better! Is he drinking enough water? If not, add some chicken or tuna juice to his water bowl. Your cat is probably dehydrated which is why his kidneys are not functioning properly. I would also recommend buying your kitty some Rescue Remedy by Dr. Bach to ease his stress. Good luck to you and your little fur-babyl! :-) Nutrition is everything, meds are not always the answer!!!
  • Charlyn EldridgeCharlyn Eldridge Member Posts: 2
    I have 2 males that had the same thing happen to them when they were about 2 years old. Thousands of dollars later, all the xrays, special vet diets, special compounded medicine we put on the inside of their ear skin, everything..... I found feline- The Dr. that put the info on that site saved both of my boy's lives, and gave their 2 sisters & mother a whole new way of life! All 5, of my kitties have never been the same! No more vet bills here, just super healthy beautiful cats! I will NEVER go back to smelly litter boxes, matted fur, and dirty teeth!!!
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